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👋🏼 Hi I'm Bryan J. McLean !


Freelance Designer • Art Director
web • arts admin • layout • graphics • games
contemporary painter • fine artist

Graphics / Fine Art / Design

Dark Urban

Contemporary Art, Installations & Digtial Works.

About Bryan

Bryan J McLean — I am a contemporary painter, web & graphic designer, brand marketer, and a game author based in Calgary, Alberta.I make ttrpg games, paintings, books, posters, shirts, fiction, and other things. I’m available for freelance design, consultation, or socialmedia marketing projects.Bachelor's of Fine Art with Distinction
(Alberta University of the Arts)


• Brand & Logos
• Book & Layout Design
• Digital Marketing & Social Media
• Consulting & Training
• Content & Marketing
• Creative Design
• Fine Art & Digital Media

For hire

Web DesignIn the ever changing world wide web some things are timeless. Dark Urban designs are visually organised and engaging. Whether you need a single-page site or you want to overhaul your business – I'd love to help you make it happen.

Game LayoutWether you are an experienced or new game designer, I can provide Art Direction, organizarion, and unique layouts.

Brand Design & LogosFinding the right name, colors, and logo can be a major challenge. Supporting your choices and finding the best direction, I help explore the possibilities.

Social Media CampaignsI bring experience with calendars, kanban tools, crowdfunding, building an audience, and maintaining a consistent narrative for your subscribers.. it takes planning and care to keep consitent engagement and I bring that insight to the table.

Our Amazing Clients!

• Nilhemoth (PHD&D, 5 Acts The King in Yellow)
• Big Rock Analytics
• Lostlorn Games (with Mark Rein-Hagen; marketing director, writer)
• Away from Center Games (with James Droucker; art director, writer)
• KamCon 2023 (for Tyler Carpenter; graphic design)
• Harper's Hamper (online store)
• Derek Stevens game artist (graphic design)
• Science Is (online store)
• Maximum Roll Entertainment (for Kelly Williams; graphic design)
• Random Worlds RPG Chat (for Dan Davenport; graphic design)
• Necrocastation (for Thomas R Clark; graphic design)
• Garret Cook author (graphic design)
• Media Stream Press (with Andrew Frinkle; crowdfunding campaign manager, graphic design, writer)
• Kefa Studios (for Kevin Fannin; graphic design)
• Esoterica: Secretum Mundi (for Greg Saunders, Fire Ruby Designs; settings writer)
• Black Void Games (for Chrisoffer Schultz-Sevaldsen; settings writer)

Covers & Layout




What makes a great website?visual storytelling - the most important thing for an audience is clear communication and for them you experience your journey.What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?What scope is the project? What is your personal goal? What elements of your products / services do you want to highlight?Describe your creative process.+ Casual discourse of your company identity.
+ Research like-minded enterprises.
+ Draft of our possibilities.
+ Back and forth for strong solutions.
+ Final execution.
What do you love most about your job?Learning new skills and ways of seeing constantly exploring solutions.What information do you need from a client before you can start work?+ Scope: budget, size, length, timeline / roadmap.
+ Goals: short term, long term, priorities.
+ Content: images / writing / briefs
What inspired you to start your own business?decades of being a creator - I have the talent and open approach to use styles and language to its best results.Can you provide your services online or remotely?Remote 100% - easily accessible. Though I am eager to meet in person, there is a greater chance of communication when remote work allows us to connect quickly.Why should our clients choose you?I bring heart and excitement to the table. I am uniquely poised and extensively creative - my dedication to finding the right fit for you and the work always shines through.